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Why have counselling

The only person who knows how you feel emotionally is you. By working alongside our Counsellors we provide a safe environment for exploration and realisation.

The counselling room is a confidential space. It is specifically designed to offer an opportunity for you to be heard. There is no expectation or judgment, except for your right to focus on yourself and the issues in your life.

Challenges may arise through different life scenarios including family or partner relationships; work may impact home life or vice versa. You may decide that it is simply time to review where you are in life. Blockages, internal or external, can lead to stagnation, lower self-esteem or create dilemmas and uncertainty. All of these factors have the potential to cause stress, anxiety, depression and a myriad of effects that are difficult to identify, work through or resolve. We can support you in working with and through the issues you bring, at your own pace.

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