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How to get started

Contact us by phone or email to ask any questions you may have and to arrange an initial session.


The initial session will be an assessment, which will also set the basis to establish the counselling contract. This provides an opportunity for the therapist and client to decide together, whether the service is appropriate.

If this service is not appropriate you will be signposted to a service or professional that can support your needs.

Sessions will last for 50 minutes and take place on a regular day and time. Initial assessment sessions are up to 90 minutes in duration.

Although we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, if you are unable to attend for any reason, please be advised that we will require a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Individual Assessment Session: £75.00

Individual Session: £65.00 (50 mins)

Couples Assessment Session: £80.00

Couples Counselling Session (Streatham): £70.00 (50 mins)

Short-term, long-term and time-limited sessions are available.

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